Victor Wembanyama was named 2022-2023 french league MVP. And... top scorer, top shot blocker, top defender and best prospect!

Benoit Dujardin - @benduj May 17, 2023
What individual trophies Victor Wembanyama won in France?
Hervé Bellenger

Only 24 hours after watching the NBA Draft Lottery and seeing the San Antonio Spurs win the right to draft him, Victor Wembanyama was the center of attention for the LNB trophy ceremony. Wemby got almost all the trophies : top scorer, top shot-blocker, top defender, best prospect and... MVP.

This is the first time in league history that a player gets all these trophies.

The 19 years old phenom was joined by Nando De Colo, Matt Morgan, Ronald March and Vitalis Chikoko in the All-League First Team. The second team featured Mike James, Elie Okobo, Alpha Diallo, Markis McDuffie and Donatas Motiejunas.

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