Australia - NBL 2022-2023 Games

Results and schedule

6:00 AM (CET)
Qudos Bank Arena
6:00 AM (CET)

Basketball league


Country: Australia
Location: Oceania
Demography: 26M citizens (2021)
Spoken language: English
Largest cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
Regular-season schedule: October to April

How does the National Basketball League work?

​​The National Basketball League is the highest level professional basketball league in Australia. It is based, as in many Anglo-Saxon leagues, on the principle of franchised teams. The basketball teams that are part of this professional league are so because they have bought a franchise. A system in opposition to that of a large part of the European, African or South American leagues, which operates through promotions and relegations between different divisions.

​​Since its creation in 1979, the NBL's seasons have been played between April and September. But since the 1998-1999 season, the format has changed and the championship is now played from October to April.

How many teams are there in this championship? 

9 teams compete for the title of National Basketball League champion, with one small particularity. Indeed, the NBL is called National even though it welcomes a team from outside Australia: the New Zealand Breakers (from New Zealand, as its name suggests) since 2003. Between 2006 and 2008, the Singapore Slingers (Singapore) were also part of this so-called "Australian" league.

In terms of the list of winners, even if Melbourne United won the title in 2021, the Perth Wildcats remain the most successful franchise in the NBL with 10 titles to their credit.


All-Time Best Australia NBL Basketball Players

Adam Ballinger, Adam Gibson, Andrew Vlahov, Damian Keogh, Daniel Johnson, Glen Saville, Jacob Holmes, Leroy Loggins, Mark Worthington, Mika Vukona, Oscar Forman, Phil Smyth, Ray Borner, Scott Fisher, Shawn Redhage, Thomas Abercrombie

From Australia NBL to the NBA

Andrew Gaze, Shane Heal, Andrew Bogut