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A league of legendary rivalries and of constrats. From the 19.000 fans of OAKA Stadium in Athens to the 1.260 seats of the Nikos Samaras Indoor Hall on the island of Myrina.

The first official Greek Basketball Championship was held in the 1927–28 season. Since then, powerhouse Panathinaikos Athens has taken home 37 trophies including 18 in the past 22 seasons. Nemesis Olympiakos Piraeus follows with 12 championships as the domination moved from Thessaloniki to Athens in the early 90’s.

After Greece won the 1987 EuroBasket at home in an unbelievable atmosphere, basketball became a national pastime in the country. Local players like Nikos Galis or Panayotis Giannakis became legends and the financial power of the Giannakopoulos and Angelopoulos families attracted NBA stars like Dominique Wilkins, Roy Tarpley, Eddie Johnson, Byron Scott or Josh Childress who joined European superstars Dejan Bodiroga, Dino Radja, Stojan Vrankovic or Milos Teodosic in Greece.

On the other hand five of the current teams in the League play in a gym that seats less than 1.700 spectators and the economical crisis weakened many rosters.

Passion is also a synonymous with a lack of reason and the bad blood between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos reached such heights that Olympiakos forfeited several games in 2018-19 against its archrival and was therefore demoted to the second division.

A division that brought to light the talent of NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Location: Europe

Country info: Greece has 10 768 477 citizens (85th largest country in the world). Spoken language is Greek. The country's largest city is Athens.

Regular-season schedule: September to April

Last 5 Greece EKO Champions

Olympiakos Piraeus (2015, 2016), Panathinaikos Athens (2017, 2018, 2019)

All-Time Best Greece EKO Basketball Players

Nikos Galis, Panayotis Giannakis, Panayotis Fassoulas, Giorgios Sigalas, Fragiskos Alvertis, Nikos Zisis, Dimitris Diamantidis, Ioanis Bourousis

From Greece EKO to the NBA

Efthymis Rentzias, Jake Tsakalidis, Antonis Fotsis, Andreas Glyniadakis, Kostas Papanikolaou, Vassilis Spanoulis, Giorgios Papagiannis, Giannis Antetokounmpo