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LEB Gold: Melilla Sport Capital, led by Fausto Ruesga, tops ICG Força Lleida

LEB Gold: Valladolid gets double-double from Dominic Gilbert, defeats Palma

LEB Gold: Caceres knocks down 15 3-pointers, takes down Coviran Granada

LEB Gold: Eddy Polanco pours 28 points, Almansa Con Afanion tops Leyma Coruña

LEB Gold: Acunsa knocks down 18 3-pointers, downs TAU Castello

LEB Gold: C.B. Prat knocks down 13 3-pointers, edges Huesca

LEB Gold: Sidy Cissoko and Azpeitia defeat Palencia

LEB Gold: Marc Gasol gets 13 rebounds, Basquet Girona cools off HLA Alicante

LEB Gold: Movistar Estudiantes, led by Kevin Larsen, outlasts Oviedo

LEB Gold: Michael Carrera has double-double, ICG Força Lleida beats Palma

LEB Gold: Hansel Atencia hits 5 3-pointers, Oviedo prevails over Melilla Sport Capital

LEB Gold: Basquet Girona, led by Marc Gasol, handles Movistar Estudiantes

LEB Gold: Zaid Hearst pours 37 points, HLA Alicante downs Palencia

LEB Gold: Pavel Savkov makers 5 3-pointers, Azpeitia takes down Huesca

LEB Gold: Benjamin Simons lifts Acunsa past C.B. Prat

LEB Gold: Nick Ward notches double-double, Leyma Coruña outlasts TAU Castello

LEB Gold: Coviran Granada scores 102 points, takes down Almansa Con Afanion

LEB Gold: Dominic Gilbert pours 27 points, Valladolid cools off Caceres

LEB Gold: Azpeitia, led by Menno Dijkstra, edges Acunsa

LEB Gold: Prince Ali lifts Palencia past Movistar Estudiantes

LEB Gold: Nikola Rakocevic drains 5 3-pointers, Melilla Sport Capital cools off Basquet Girona

LEB Gold: Kavion Pippen and Valladolid cool down Almansa Con Afanion

LEB Gold: Osvaldas Matulionis hits 6 3-pointers, HLA Alicante defeats Huesca

LEB Gold: Oviedo, led by Paul Jorgensen, outlasts ICG Força Lleida

LEB Gold: Andres Ibarguen lifts C.B. Prat past Leyma Coruña

LEB Gold: Caceres scores 102 points, downs Palma

LEB Gold: Coviran Granada, led by Mamadou Ndieye Niang, knocks off TAU Castello