Boris Diaw is back on the court with Biscarrosse Olympique in France 11th division.

Benoit Dujardin - @benduj Oct 14, 2023
Is Boris Diaw still playing? Yes!
Mickael Planès

The Most Interesting Man in the World is back on basketball courts! Boris Diaw made his comeback on Sunday October 15, 2023, in Biscarrosse. Playing in France's 11th division.

At 41 years old, Boris Diaw is embarking on one last journey, reuniting with his childhood friends to pursue a lifelong dream. He aims to win the "Coupe des Landes", a regional tournament he watched as a child. This remarkable comeback by Boris, who has an NBA Championship and Eurobasket victory under his belt, has captured the attention of fans.

In his debut game with Biscarrosse, competing in the 11th division of French basketball, Boris Diaw played like he has always done: sharing the ball with his teammates. And taking few shots despite the lower level of competition. He led his team to a 54-46 victory against Basket Luy Adour in front of an enthusiastic crowd packed in a small gym. 

Following this regular season game, the anticipation builds as we wait for the second round of the cup draw. Boris and his team could face tough opponents from France's 4th division (NM2), known for their talented young players.