Proballers provides services for pro basket-ball clubs

Proballers provides services for pro basket-ball clubs

Proballers is a worldwide expert in collection, analysis and redistribution of basketball statistics.

For 10 years, we have been covering the 75 largest professional leagues, and can consequently provide clubs with exhaustive contents : profiles of their players and of the competitions in which they participate (domestic leagues, playoffs, european competitions...).

Proballers searchs for records and identify the individual and team records established by your players. It alerts the community mannager of the club once a record has been identified and forward to him the information required for creation or specific contents.

Communication becomes easy and faster thanks to Proballers. Just a few minutes after the records, clubs can communicate the information, involve their fans and sensitize the media.

Save time with your website by Proballers ! Indeed, Proballers promotes the sporting events, tells the story of your club and attracts more spectators.

Statistics provided by Proballers are essential to club's storytelling.

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