Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje

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Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje

Date of birth:Jul 7, 1996

Height: 2m24 / 7-4

Position: C

Nationality: Senegalese

2019-2020 Regular Season

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Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje is a basketball player born on July 07, 1996, in Dakar. His height is seven foot four (2m24 / 7-4). He is a center who most recently played for Delaware Blue Coats in G-League.

Regular season stats for Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje

Basketball Career Averages

Season League Team Reb Ast Pts
19-20 USA-2 Delaware Blue Coats logoDelaware Blue Coats 11.0 0.8 11.3

Basketball Career Averages

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Basketball career

Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje's career

the Delaware Blue Coats

2019-2020 season with Wilmington

Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje averaged 11.3 points, 11.0 rebounds and 0.8 assists per game, playing 33 games with the Delaware Blue Coats, during the 2019-2020 G-League regular-season. He set his season-high with 22 points in 36 minutes against the Capital City Go-Go on March 03, 2020. He grabbed a season-high 24 rebounds in 30 minutes against the Windy City Bulls on March 01, 2020. He dished a season-high 3 assists in 22 minutes against the Maine Red Claws on November 10, 2019.

He scored in double figures 24 times in 33 games. He had 20 points or more 2 times. He recorded 17 double-doubles. He had 2 triple-doubles.