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Jeremy Lin

Date of birth: Aug 23, 1988

Height:1m91 / 6-3

Position: PG

Nationality :United States

2019-2020 Regular Season

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Jeremy Lin is a professional basketball player born on August 23, 1988. His height is six foot three (1m91 / 6'3"). He is a point guard who most recently played for Beijing Ducks in China - CBA.

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Photo of Jeremy Lin, 2019-2020 season
Jeremy Lin, 2019-2020 basketball season © DR
Photo of Jeremy Lin, 2018-2019 season
Jeremy Lin, 2018-2019 basketball season © DR
Photo of Jeremy Lin, 2015-2016 season
Jeremy Lin, 2015-2016 basketball season © DR
Photo of Jeremy Lin, 2015-2016 season
Jeremy Lin, 2015-2016 basketball season © DR
Photo of Jeremy Lin, 2014-2015 season
Jeremy Lin, 2014-2015 basketball season © DR
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Basketball Career Averages

Regular season stats for Jeremy Lin

10-11 USA-2 Stockton Kings logoStockton Kings 5.8 4.5 18.4
10-11 USA-1 Golden State Warriors logoGolden State Warriors 1.2 1.4 2.6
11-12 USA-2 Erie BayHawks logoErie BayHawks 11.0 12.0 28.0
11-12 USA-1 New York Knicks logoNew York Knicks 3.1 6.1 14.6
12-13 USA-1 Houston Rockets logoHouston Rockets 3.0 6.1 13.4
13-14 USA-1 Houston Rockets logoHouston Rockets 2.6 4.1 12.5
14-15 USA-1 Los Angeles Lakers logoLos Angeles Lakers 2.6 4.6 11.2
15-16 USA-1 Charlotte Hornets logoCharlotte Hornets 3.2 3.0 11.7
16-17 USA-1 Brooklyn Nets logoBrooklyn Nets 3.8 5.1 14.5
17-18 USA-1 Brooklyn Nets logoBrooklyn Nets 0.0 4.0 18.0
18-19 USA-1 Toronto Raptors logoToronto Raptors 2.6 2.2 7.0
18-19 USA-1 Atlanta Hawks logoAtlanta Hawks 2.3 3.5 10.7
19-20 CHN-1 Beijing Ducks logoBeijing Ducks 5.8 5.8 24.2

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Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin's Basketball Journey

After 9 seasons in the NBA and 480 regular-season games played with 8 teams (Golden State, New York, Houston, the Lakers, Charlotte, Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Toronto), Jeremy Lin played his first game in the Chinese Basketball Association on November 3, 2019. He led the Beijing Ducks to a road win against the Tianjin Ronggang (103-81), combining 25 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists.

Jeremy Lin (林书豪) FAQ

What team Jeremy Lin is on?

For the 2019-2020 season, Jeremy Lin joined the Beijing Ducks (北京鸭篮球俱乐部) in the Chinese Basketball Association. Beijing is the capital of China and has 21.000.000 inhabitants.

How many rings does Jeremy Lin have?

Jeremy Lin was part of Toronto's 2018-2019 championship team. He played 23 regular-season games and 8 playoff games with the Raptors. While not a major contributor, the point guard earned a championship ring for being in the team roster.

What is Jeremy Lin's net worth?

During the Linsanity era, when Jeremy Lin had incredible games with the New York Knicks, his net worth was estimated at $170 million by Forbes. His Cinderella story made him a mainstream superstar and helped the Knicks stock and tickets value rise.

Playing in the NBA for 9 years, Lin has earned more the $65 million in salary. He is now playing in China in a league known for its wealthy contracts.

What is Jeremy Lin's nationality?

Jeremy Lin was born on August 23, 1988, in Torrance, California. He is an American of Taiwanese descent. Lin has two brothers, Joseph Lin and Joshua Lin.

How tall is Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin is listed at 6-3 (191 centimeters). It is considered as a good size for a guard, his size and athleticism allowing him to defend both guard positions.

Does Jeremy Lin speak Chinese?

Jeremy Lin speaks fluent Chinese (Mandarin). His parents talked to him in Chinese when he was young, and he worked on it when he became an adult. In 2013, Jeremy Lin said he had taken one on one lessons because he thought it was important for him to speak Chinese and know his parents' language. It came handy when he joined the Chinese basketball league in 2019!

Did Jeremy Lin play in finals?

Barely. Jeremy Lin only played 1 minute during the 2019 NBA Finals, winning the NBA Championship with the Toronto Raptors. This minute earned him an NBA ring!

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